CNC Machining Brass Connector

CNC Machining Brass Connector

Material: Brass

Precision: 0.005-0.01mm

MOQ: 2000 pcs/Month

Surface: Custom

Application: Connector

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We ensure precise services such as machining, turning, boring and slotting. We ensure the production of more than 500 pieces using advanced technology machines such as CNC Lathe, VMC, etc. We use high-quality iron and other raw materials in the production to ensure the development of sturdy and durability. We provide complete satisfaction to the clients by offering the best quality jobs at affordable prices.

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Advantages of Our CNC Machining Brass Connector

– Accurate dimensions, high precision, and tight tolerance
– Highly durable and flexible to assist the running of electrical motor
– Professional CNC design and engineering service
– Competitive prices of CNC stainless steel parts and short lead time

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