Titanium Parts CNC Fabrication Services

Titanium Parts CNC Fabrication Services

Materials: Titanium grade 5 (Ti 6Al-4V), grade 2, grade 7, grade 23 (Ti 6Al-4V Eli), etc.

Quality assurance: ISO9001:2015 certification

Equipment: 6 CNC milling machining centers, 3-axis & 5-axis milling machines

Dimensions: up to 500 x 500 (3-axis milling machines), up to Ø 300 (5-axis milling machines)

Applications: aerospace spacecraft, missiles, surgical & dental equipment, oil/gas exploration, military, etc.

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Delivering titanium projects to specifications, on time and on budget is one of the most difficult challenges in the machining industry. Through decades of experience, Anebon’s experts have learned the ability to improve production secrets and can customize and manufacture any titanium parts according to your needs.


Customized manufacturer of titanium processing certified by ISO 9001:2015. Precision titanium machining can be used with other machining services such as plastic machining, magnesium machining and gear machining. Comply with RoHS.

Many cemented carbides have proven to be good at cutting titanium. In order to better CNC machining titanium parts, cutting tools must have many properties.

The tool must be hard at high temperatures.

The tool must have high vibration resistance.

The tool must have fatigue resistance.

The tool must not react with high temperature titanium.

The tool must have high strength.

The tool must have good thermal conductivity.

When the chips are finally formed, they are very thin, and the contact area between the chips and the tool is three times smaller than steel. Therefore, the tip of the tool must withstand greater cutting forces.

Titanium Parts CNC Fabrication Services

The most suitable tool material range with all the above characteristics is WC/Co alloy. Another possible solution is high-speed steel because they are very resistant to cracking. Diamond tools also show good wear resistance to titanium 

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