Metal Stamping Part

Metal Stamping Part

The stamping part is the production technology of the product part which is deformed by the deformation force and deformed in the mold by means of the power of the conventional or special stamping equipment to obtain the shape, size and performance.

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The stamping part is a production technology of a product part which is deformed by a deformation force in a mold by means of power of a conventional or special stamping apparatus, thereby obtaining a shape, a size and a performance. Sheets, molds and equipment are the three elements of stamping. Stamping is a method of cold deformation of metal. Therefore, it is called cold stamping or sheet stamping, referred to as stamping. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing (or pressure processing) and is also part of material forming engineering technology.

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CNC milling plastic parts custom precision machining prototypes 

Service: CNC Machining Turning and MillingLaser CuttingOEM Parts

Material: AluminumAluminum alloy,SteelStainless steel,CopperBrass,Plastic,Die casting CNC

Finish: Sandblasting, Anodize color,Blackenning, Zinc/Nickl Plating, Polish, etc.

Main Equipment: CNC Machining center(Milling), CNC Lathe, Grinding machine, Cylindrical grinder machine, Drilling machine, Laser Cutting Machine,etc.

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