CNC Turning Custom SS 316 Components

CNC Turning Custom SS 316 Components

Material:SUS 316

Precision: 0.008MM

Description: Small coupling

Certificate: IS9001:2015, SGS

Lead Time: 20 days

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Once you have designated us for your project, we can handle the entire manufacturing, assembly, testing, and transportation according to your wishes. If you wish, we can assemble your customized kit, print and mark your company name and brand, and then ship it directly to your customers.

Machined Parts Online

Deburring: mechanical, chemical, thermal, abrasive, sandblasting, microbeads, slurry

CNC laser welding, cutting, etching and marking

Honing: vertical and horizontal

Grinding: outer diameter, inner diameter, shape and centerless, CNC

Heat treatment: annealing, controlled atmosphere, tempering, surface hardening

EDM operation

Electric beam and resistance welding

Laser marking, part serialization and color recognition

Assembly work

Bending, cold forming, wire forming

Drilling, grooving, tapping, tapping, knurling

Mechanical assembly and testing

Surface treatment

Anebon Inspection-2

Polishing, tumbling, electro-polishing and electrolysis, cosmetic finishing, micro-grinding

Electroplating: precious metals, titanium nitride, nickel (chemical salt, sulfamate), chromium, black oxide and zinc



Water-based and organic cleaning

Our product range:

Gear manufacturing, gearboxes, couplings, worms, reducers, cylinders, transmission belts, transmission chains, transmission components

• Customized tempered and bulletproof glass meets NATO and military standards

•Balls, bearings, pulleys and pulley assemblies

•Valves and pneumatic components, such as O-rings, gaskets and seals

•Glass and ceramic parts and components, vacuum-resistant and sealed components, metal-ceramic and ceramic-ceramic bonding.

• Various types of mechanical, opto-mechanical, electromechanical, and optoelectronic components.


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